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Riobamba is surrounded by 5 of the 10 highest peaks in Ecuador: Chimborazo the highest, two active volcanoes Tungurahua and Sangay, Carihuairazo an unpredictable mountain and El Altar or Kapak Urku the most beautiful Ecuadorian mountain.

Also available: Polylepis Forest, La Chorrera Canyon and Chimborazo High Camp

Whymper Shelter:

The classic and most popular hiking in Chimborazo; short walk starting from the Carrel Shelter (4850 meters) to the Whymper Shelter (5030 meters) only 1 km distance but you can feel the thin oxygen layer at this altitude; optional 10 minutes extra reaching «the lagoon» CONDOR COCHA at 5100 meters; 1h30min to 2 hours total time up and down.

Whymper Needles:

Nice acclimatization trek, we start from Carrel Shelter (4850 m) passing by the Whymper Shelter until reaching the Whymper needles at 5300 meters above sea level, if the good weather allows we have the option to walk 30 minutes extra and reach 5460 meters; 4 to 5 hours of activity.

Machay Temple:

An interesting rock cave, this one is a prayer place for native people, they go to the cave and give offerings for good harvest, money, work.
Time activity 4 to 5 hours starting from Carrel Shelter (4850 m) and we finish in Casa Condor (3840 m).

Frozen Lagoon Carihuairazo:

A spectacular trek to the glacier of the mountain (4800 meters above sea level), 14 km total, 5 hours walking, 6 lakes to watch and the impressive flora and fauna of the Andean highlands….come with us to live this unique experience.